Our Services

At TSQE we provide our clients with a full spectrum of life cycle management consulting and development expertise. Using the full range of our consultant’s skills, we provide a total business solution. Our consulting services involve a wide range of activities to suit all business sectors.
Our services cover a wide spectrum of management, training, development needs for the private, public, governmental and NGO sectors.

We help organizations build value by uncovering insights that create new futures and by doing the hard work to improve performance from A to Z.  In particular, our operational structure is structured on a comprehensive package of major management, development advisory services, Provide specialized training and Coaching.

  • Excellence and Organizational Development.
  • Development Planning.
  •  Quality & International Standards.
  • HR Development and Management.
  •   Process Engineering.
  •  Market Studies & survey experience.
  • Project Management.
  • Management of Information Technology.
  • Energy & Environmental Management.
  • Consultancy.
  •   Customer Services management
  • Surveys & Mystery Shopping

Excellence and Organizational Development

  •   Excellence Development, EFQM.
  •   Quality Management certification consulting
  •   QMS Training
  •   QMS Coaching
  •   Implementation services
  •   Strategic planning.
  •   Institutional assessment and development.
  •   Corporate governance.

HR Development

  •   Recruiting & selection.
  •   HR policy development.
  •   Salary scales and career path planning.
  •   Employee appraisal, promotion, and incentives planning.
  •   Career development (Training needs assessment) & planning.
  •   HR management systems using excellence concepts
  •   Outsourcing
  •   KSA Module
  •   Coaching

Process Engineering

  •   Accounting and financial management.
  •   Human resources management.
  •   Production and product management.
  •   Services management.
  •   Quality and environmental management.
  •   Project management.
  •   Consultants outsourcing

Management of Information Technology –IT Consulting

  •   Procurement of MIS systems (tendering).
  •   Identification and integration of IT applications.
  •   Management of IT systems.
  •   E-services projects management.
  •   Data conversion protocols.
  •   Testing planning and implementation.
  •   Outsourcing


  •   Development of the Business and Financial Aspiration towards enlargement
  •   Sustainable business growth
  •   Feasibility studies
  •   Business engagement with U.A.E. economic needs.
  •   Strategic planning and development.
  •   Outsourcing


  •   Employees Satisfaction Survey
  •   Customers Satisfaction Survey
  •   Suppliers Satisfaction Survey
  •   Strategic Partners Satisfaction Survey
  •   Investors Satisfaction Survey
  •   Community Satisfaction Survey

Development & Planning

  •   Strategic development & planning.
  •   Development of organizations’ structure.
  •   Policy analysis and formulation.
  •   Community stakeholders’ analysis.
  •   Sector studies.
  •   Business projects management
  •   Risk Management
  •   Business process re-engineering

Quality & International Standards

  •   Quality management system (ISO9001, HALAL,…).
  •   Information technology models (e.g., CMM, ISO27000).
  •   Project management systems (ISO10006).
  •   Food & Safety management systems (HACCP).
  •   Risk management systems (ISO 31000).
  •   Environment management system EMS (ISO 14001)
  •   Health & Safety management system – OHSAS (ISO18000).
  •   Customer Complaint Handling System (ISO 10002)
  •   Social Accountability (AS 8003 and SA 8000)
  •   Training Experts
  •   Outsource Quality Experts

Market Studies & Project Management

  •   Market and feasibility studies.
  •   Sectoral studies.
  •   Customer satisfaction surveys.
  •   Opinion polls and mystery shopper.
  •   Project impact assessment.

Energy & Environmental Management

  •   Environmental impact assessment studies.
  •   Energy studies.
  •   Environmental management standards (e.g., ISO14000

Customer Services management

  •   One stop shop concepts
  •   Integrated solutions
  •   Automated interface & e-services
  •   Customers surveys and suggestions mechanism
  •   Customer services training
  •   Outsource customer services officers

Mystery Shopping

  •   Face to face
  •   Telephone calls
  •   Website assessment
  •   Facilities assessment
  •   Complaint Handling

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